ETCS Track Editor

This tool enables the creation and modification of a track, and its storage in a MySQL database.

The produced track can be used with other ERSA products and for all ERTMS/ETCS application levels:

  • Operational simulators.
  • Traffic simulators.
  • OBU/RBC Test Benches.

Track data include:

  • Topology data.
  • Infrastructure data.
  • Signalling information compliant with Baseline 2 and Baseline 3.
  • ERTMS/ETCS information including switchable balises and infill devices.

The track data can either be defined manually and/or imported through different standardised formats (RailML, SUBSET-112…), or customised importation functions can be offered and easily be implemented. Several exportation functions are available to enable the use of track data in other applications.