Custom solutions

Besides the off-the-shelf products, ERSA also offers to his customers solutions tailored to their individual and specific needs. Derived from existing products or based on new technical specifications, ERSA is able to address a very large variety of needs. Some examples are detailed below.

Deutsche Bahn

Operational Simulator in motion based simulator (DB)

ERSA has helped Deutsche Bahn to fit their motion simulator TCSim (München) with ERTMS within the frame of braking curve studies ordered by the European Railway Agency. This system includes an ETCS DMI display for the driver, an EVC simulator and scenario monitoring capabilities for the supervisor. It is directly interfacing with the simulator provided by a third party for the exchange of various data (odometry, train interface data, 3D…).
ERSIM Training Simulator Trafikverket

ERSIM Training Simulator (Trafikverket)

ERSA has provided to the Swedish Transport Administration (Trafikverket) a system intended for the training of the Swedish train drivers. Although based on a traditional Operational Simulator, the system has been completely customised to produce a powerful training tool. The system is based on two different elements: one master simulator running on Linux intended for the preparation of scenarios, and one training simulator running on Windows intended for the trainees. New exercises/demonstrations can easily be shared with trainees through standard files.
Simulateur Opérationnel Personnalisé

Customised Operational Simulator (SRO)

ERSA has provided a customised Operational Simulator intended for Saudi Railways Organisation. This simulator had several specific aspects such as a complete recast of the ERTMS DMI including the support of Arabic language, a customised driver desk and the connection to a third-party 3D visualisation system.
Simulateurs ERSA

ERSA simulators with third-party 3D solution providers

Thanks to the use of a standardised 3D interfacing library, it is possible to interface the Operational Simulator both with the house-made ERSA 3D Tools Suite, but also with almost all available 3D railway visualisation systems. With minor work it was possible to connect ERSA simulators (Operational Simulator, Traffic Simulator…) with solutions from various 3D application suppliers.
Duplication de projets réels

Real project replication

ERSA has provided solutions involving an interface between simulated components and industrial products. They allow a partial or complete replication of real track configurations in laboratories through the interfacing to a large number of industrial components (IXL, RBC, CTC). One key feature is the implementation of the SUBSETs 111 and 112.