ERTMS/ETCS Operational Simulator

The ERTMS/ETCS Operational Simulator is a real time simulation demonstrating how trains can be run on tracks under ERTMS/ETCS supervision.
Banc de test ERTMS/ETCS OBU


ERSA provides various tools and test benches to validate ERTMS/ETCS components. The ERTMS/ETCS OBU Test Bench is a complete OBU validation environment which is compliant with the Reference Architecture defined in SUBSET-094.
Banc de test ERTMS RBC/IXL


ERSA provides various tools and test benches to validate ERTMS/ETCS components. The ERTMS/ETCS RBC Test Bench is a complete simulation that allows testing a couple Interlocking/RBC or the RBC itself.
ERTMS/ETCS Simulateur de Trafic

ERTMS/ETCS Traffic Simulator

The ERTMS/ETCS Traffic Simulator from ERSA is a real time system including multiple trains, interlocking simulation, route map RBC simulation and traffic management functions.
Interface conducteur-machine ETCS

ETCS Driver Machine Interface

The ETCS DMI is the interface between the driver and the ERTMS/ETCS system.
Editeur de voie ETCS

ETCS Track Editor

This tool enables the creation and modification of a track, and its storage in a MySQL database.
Outils d’évaluation et d’analyse

Evaluation and analysis tools

This set of tools enables the analysis and display of the data logged by other ERSA products.
Solutions sur mesure

Custom solutions

Besides the off-the-shelf products, ERSA also offers to his customers solutions tailored to their individual and specific needs.
Suite d’outils de visualisation de voie en 3D

3D Tools Suite

Connection to a 3D track visualisation application as an extension of the Operational Simulator.


Our products cover a large panel of tools dedicated to testing, training, research and demonstration. These products are the result of 20 years of expertise in the field of ERTMS/ETCS. These products are available off-the-shelf but can easily be customised to specific needs, especially interfaces with other test or simulation systems.

Developed tools

Several tools developed by ERSA in the frame of European projects are widely used by the sector, such as the Test Sequence Wizard (TSW) and the Test Sequence Debugger (TSD).

The ERSA Performance

The TSW is used to create the Test Sequences which will serve as basis for tests of the on-board products delivered by Railway Industries. The TSD is a functional simulator of all the on-board functions of ETCS. It is widely used to calibrate, tune and verify the Test Sequences.


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